The fact that Natron-Hayat is a producer of its own packaging paper gives us an advantage in the corrugated board sheets production.

Maximum width of our corrugator is 2150 mm, and minimum width is 200 mm (flute direction).

Maksimum cut length is 4500 mm and minimum cut length is 600 mm.

Two-layered board we can produce in C flute and E flute. Two-layered board comes in rolls. Standard widths of rolls are 2100 mm (42 kg), 1800 mm (38 kg), 1600 mm (32 kg), 1050 mm (21 kg), 900 mm (19 kg), 800 mm (16 kg). The length of all rolls is approximately 80 meters. Rolls are without core inside.

Three-layered (single flute) corrugated board we are able to produce in C flute (3,6 mm), B flute (2,7 mm) and E flute (1,25 mm).

Five-layered (double flute) corrugated board we are able to produce in combination of CB flutes and BE flutes

Different qualities/grades in three-layered (single flute) and five-layered (double flute) corrugated board are produced by combining different types and grammages of papers.

Basic working widths are: 2100 mm, 1950 mm, 1800 mm and 1600 mm.


Standard packaging papers used are:

  • schrenz: 90 gsm, 100 gsm, 110 gsm
  • fluting: 100 gsm, 110 gsm, 120 gsm
  • testliner 3: 115 gsm, 130 gsm

For all our products, including corrugated board, we hold FSC certificate.

If you have any questions, please contact us.