With urbanization, the growing amount of disposed packaging represents significant part of the paper waste in general. This is where recycling gets a more important role every day.

Our awareness of the wealth that we hold in our hands on daily basis as well as significance of its proper post usage treatment is what leads to a better tommorrow for us all. Is there any better way of treating it than recycling?

We don't think so!

This is where we step in by producing and offering our 100 % recycled based papers.


Short facts:


90 – 180 g/m2

Trim width:

4 200 mm 

Reel width:

min. 550 mm / max 2 500 mm

Core diameter:

100 mm and 76 mm

Reel diameter:              max. 1200 mm

Our packaging papers are also food certified.

Types of paper: Shrenz, Fluting, Testliner

Shrenz paper is used for production of: corrugated board (mainly as an inner layer); paper packaging (bags for fruits and vegetables); paper sheets ( in order to protect the material from external influences and damage); paper core etc.

Substances: from 90 to 180 g/m2.

Substance : from 100 to 180 g/m2

Fluting paper is used mainly for the production of the corrugated layer of the corrugated board. It is also used for the special protection packaging (metal profiles, glass and other sensitive surfaces).

Substance: from 110 to 180 g/m2

Mainly used as an outer layer in the production of corrugated board. It's appearance and mechanical properties offer a perfect solution for the most demanding board packaging applications, as well as special protection packaging, lamination, coating, paper core production etc.

We produce Testliner 3 – OCC based.

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